Crying for Notre Dame -see what brings together?

They often say that at times it takes a horrible tragedy to bring folks together and we definitely saw this on April 08 when our beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames.  Thank God that a good part of this historic giant of a building was saved.

The world watched anxiously as Parisians came together to sing and pray outside their beloved Cathedral and they were joined by millions of others around the world who, including me, stood still for a few minutes fixated to our TV screens.

Fire fighters fought like bulldogs to save Notre Dame!  So many of us cried and prayed as we watched, and even some world leaders stopped in their tracks for one fleeting moment to express their sorrow.

I would say that if it takes such a tragedy to bring us together when why is it that we cannot use the same emotions to help create greater unity in our world?  Why is it not that instead of creating divisions, we cannot switch our minds to doing things to unite, collaborate, and engage each other in a meaningful way?

Just my two cents for today.

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