Where are the bedside manners

This is a question that I have been asking and pleading with so many professionals to address and I have been asking and pleading for decades now.

When members of the medical profession continue to address their questions and concerns to friends and family who escort us on visits to their offices; this needs to be stopped and dealt with now.

When customer service staff at customer service desks continue to do the same; this is not acceptable and when officials in government offices continue to ignore our presence as we stand in front of them deliberately choosing to ignore us; we need to put an end to this.

The latest incident for me occurred in June 2018 when polling staff at Elections Ontario completely ignored my presence, failed to acknowledge me, and totally ignored my questions and concerns.

This needs to stop now!

What are my thoughts on possible ways to address this?  More collaboration, more awareness training, and a willingness on all sides to work together.  Maybe we could suggest that courses on bedside manners be given to the health profession, elections staff, and companies operating in the customer’s arena.

Just my two cents for today.

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