Radio stations that much closer

I can tell you that I grew up in a very interesting era.  One where I was able to enjoy the good old days while at the same time welcoming in the new era of technology.  I had each foot in both worlds so to speak and it has enabled me to enjoy the best of both.  In short, a really unique mix and match of the old and the new.

The era when radio ruled and TV came in like a bull followed swiftly by the Internet and digital delight.  Yet for all of this I still treasure my moments with the radio.  I can tell you that my radio is always on while I work in my office and that my TV is my companion as I work in my kitchen or relax in my family room.

Nowadays, I can practically listen to any radio station from around the world; anything located in North America to the Caribbean, to Europe, Asia, and Australia and it is all due to a very nifty and powerful little app called Tunein Radio.  I have installed it on both of my i devices; iPhone and iPad and it enables me to simply sit and enjoy my radio anytime I want and from anywhere provided I have an Internet connection.  Truly, practically any radio station is at my beck and call.

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