Advocacy versus activism

I am afraid that today my editorial is going to be filled with questions for my readers.  When it comes to advocacy versus activism; I still have difficulty deciphering the difference between the two.

I like to refer to myself as an advocate.  One who speaks out about the rights of those with a disability.  I not only speak out, I write letters, meet with others in my community, and I seek meetings with those who can help us.  I am not crazy about holding demonstrations or picketing in front of offices.

In my opinion, activists are those who go a few steps further than an advocate.  They are more vocal.  They encourage and lead demonstrations and pickets.  They may even encourage sprinklings of violence at times.  This is not me.

Activists may also be willing to go to jail for their cause and to flirt on the fringes of the law.  I on the other hand will go to court in support of a cause.  My charter challenge victory over the Canadian Government in 2012 is an example.

So there you have it.  Maybe someone can clarify for me?

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