Is email the best way to communicate?

I can just hear the younger generation shouting a very vociferous no to my question.  For many of our teens and young adults and even maybe several of the older crowd, they would probably tell you that texting is the best way.  However, there are still many who would prefer to communicate via email.

For me, I have become very comfortable with communicating via email.  It is fast and responses could be fast depending on who is responding but we need to remember that what you write can never be erased.

Sometimes though I find that emailing back and forth can be a tiring process especially so when we need to explain things to each other.  Truth be told, I still prefer to pick up the phone and make a call but I know that there are many who find it time consuming to do so.

In the same light, it could also be viewed as very time consuming when we have to exchange several emails before the point is understood.  Then there is texting and whereas I do believe that texting has its place in our world of communicating I often find that literacy often suffers at the hands of this particular way of communicating.

It is nice to use texting to send a quick message; it’s fast and to the point but the literacy factor should be considered.

I guess that at the end of the day, each mode of communication has its place in our lives.  From emailing to texting and from calling to anything else.

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