Please don’t destroy our future

I am only just one person with just one tiny voice calling from the wilderness but I am very sure that there are many more like me appealing to the big bad world.

My appeal is to the big bad world to please do not destroy our future.  Please leave our kids to grow, experience, and learn.  Let them be kids for as long as they can.  Do not rob them of their right to be kids.

Give them the chance to their natural rights to play with their toys.  To be able to run in the park and laugh with the sky.  To chase the moon, fly a kite, play ball, and just be kids.

Please give our kids the chance to enjoy those sweet days of playtime.  To meet others their age.  To relish in the evolution of technology.  Take the guns and bombs away from their paths.  Teach them how to love and not hate.  Show them how to share and not hide.  Guide them, not mislead them.

Enrich them with honesty, accountability, and integrity.  Shower them with friendship, loyalty, and commitment.  Take them by the hand and walk along the straight and narrow.

My personal appeal for today.

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