Are we running out of role models?

Some say yes while others say not so.  For me, I believe that sadly enough the former may just be true.

Too many of us often forget to take a look backwards before we embark on an action or reaction.  Too often we react without thinking that someone somewhere is looking at us and before we know it that someone is emulating us.

This is especially so when it comes to those of us who are older and should know a bit better.  We ought to know that younger ones are looking to us for examples, that they are expecting us to show them how to do things the right and appropriate way.

They depend on us to teach them respect.  To teach them honesty, transparency, and accountability.  They look to us to show them how to behave with dignity.  They wait for us to show them commitment, dedication, and skills.

Yes, all of this plus a lot more and each time we fail to do this through our behaviour we not only let them down but ourselves as well and this is why I truly believe that we are quickly running out of role models.

There used to be a time when our stock of role models was very high but no more.  Now; someone may say in response that everyone has a right to live their lives as they choose and this is true to a point.  However, there is another variable in my opinion and it is this.

We are entitled to live our lives as we choose but we should also live our lives so that we can pass on good habits, values, and thoughts to future generations.

We need to take better control of our actions and reactions.  We need to think more before we act and we need to remember that whenever we do something, someone is watching and in most cases it is someone who is younger and someone who is looking for examples to follow.

Just my thoughts for today.

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