Beyond our control

As they say, what’s done is done and now we need to accept reality and move on.  America has a new president and for better or for worse we need to bite our tongues, have a stiff upper lip, and grin and bare it all.

I for one believe that everyone deserves a chance and this is exactly what Donald Trump will be given and, because he is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, whatever he does will surely have an effect on each of us one way or the other.

In many cases, countries and corporations along with large businesses will be directly affected much more than the man on the street but never the less; we can definitely look forward to very uncertain times.

I am Canadian and I live in a country just next door to America and whatever Mr. Trump does will surely affect Canada in some way or the other.

Yes, he deserves an opportunity to lead and keep his promises but for me: his unpleasant rhetoric against women, immigrants, and the disabled are certainly of grave concern.

Just my two cents for today.

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