No shortcut to experience – there is no other way

Let’s not kid ourselves; when it comes down to it, there is absolutely no shortcut when it comes to the amassing of experience.  It is either you have it or you don’t.  For if you don’t then you need to take the time to obtain it.

It is simply not enough to say that you have the experience needed in order to perform a certain task but if you have not put in the time in order to learn, face challenges, problem solve, find solutions, and implement your action plans, then you need to find and take the time to develop these experiences.

We need to understand that without any sort of experience behind us, it would be awfully difficult to convince future employers that o yes!  We are capable!  I know, it almost always comes down to the catch 22 syndrome and unfortunately there is no way around it.

So where and how can we find ways to build our portfolios of experience?  Why not try starting with becoming a volunteer?  I know, it may not be a very appealing option but give it some thought.

Just my two cents for today.

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