From rising star to falling star

It is probably a lot easier to traverse the path of a rising star to that of a falling star.  So many of us fail to remember that more often than not; what goes up almost always comes down but the trick here is to realize that when falling there are ways to do it graciously and gracefully.

When we start our journey upwards we are often caught up in the excitement and the applause.  We are so focused on getting to the top that there are some very important things that we fail to keep tabs on.  Here are just a few of my personal observations.

We often fail to acknowledge those who are close to us and those who help us.

We do not spend enough time to say please and thank you.

We fail to remain humble often replacing this mantle with bits of condescension, arrogance, a lack of professionalism, and o yes! a lack of respect and courtesy.

Too many times we make the mistake of not knowing when to leave gracefully choosing instead to overstay our welcome and this is probably one of the most common errors made by rising stars.  Instead, we fail to give others a chance to shine and this is why in so many cases why great organizations and dynasties die.

At the end of the day we need to keep in mind that any rising star will only be able to rise to a certain point and after that it is either it remains there or that it falls.  No one can ever remain in the lime light forever but there are those who know how to remain in the minds of others in a good way for a very long time and then there are those who simply lose track  of how to do it choosing instead to be their own downfall.

We need to remember that the higher you rise the harder that you will fall if you slip and become a falling star.

Just my two cents for today.

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