Mom’s view of technology

I always enjoy a really delightful conversation with my dear mom every time we find a moment to discuss technology.  Her views are those that come down on both sides of the fence so to speak and I think that if we take a bit more time to fully understand the views of our parents we may just find out a few interesting things.

On the one hand, mom acknowledges that technology has brought us closer to each other.  She often marvels at how we can use Skype to communicate across the miles, to keep up to date with each other on Facebook, and to use our iPhones and cell phones to text and talk whenever we feel like it.

On the other hand however, she sometimes laments the fact that these very devices and gadgets often get in the way of being able to socialize face to face and she also feels that texting and talking on our i devices almost often get in the way of being able to have a normal conversation without being interrupted.

For mom, it is a double edged sword and as she puts it; in the good old days we had no excuse to attend family functions and Mass because there was nothing at home to keep us back.  No TV, no Internet.  However, this has all changed and nowadays we even find people bringing their i devices to Church and using them to communicate with others externally.

So what are mom’s final thoughts?  Technology has certainly made it easier for us to stay in touch but it is often done virtually rather than face to face.  It has enabled us to help others in cases of emergencies but on the other hand it has certainly changed the way we socialize with each other.

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