Let’s tell this generation

I know; these days, it is not very easy for us to tell this present generation anything but when it comes to giving them an education on some very important history?  This is where I am prepared to step into the mix and do my part.

What am I talking about today?  It is this!  I truly believe that today’s generation needs to receive some very sobering lessons in history; and it is all about the selfless and unthinkable sacrifices that were made by those innocent young men and women of so many years ago.

They were the innocent kids who never gave a second thought or glance backwards when they were asked to put their lives on the line for the rest of the world.  They were the ones who answered the  call to duty when their country asked them to stand up for the rest of the world.

They were the ones!  Innocent and with smiles of excitement plastered across their youthful faces who on that fateful day bid farewell to their anxious parents and then boarded the respective warships and aircrafts to do battle across the seas.

Ask any parent of that time and I am sure that the majority of them would have told you how proud they were to have a kid of theirs fighting overseas for the cause.

These are the young men and women who fought so hard for us!  So many of them lost their lives doing it; never to return to the loving arms of their families!  They were so innocent, so trusting, and yes!  So young and had not even had time to start living their lives!

Most of them probably never even had a chance to attend a dance, go on a real date, enjoy a hotdog or ice-cream, or even spent a few minutes to look up at the moon and stars on a clear night.  Let alone ride a motorcycle or do some drag racing.

They were selfless!  Full of hope and dreams!  Just going out there to help prevent a potential world catastrophe and they are the ones who are largely responsible for us being here today!

There are huge chunks of everything that we can all learn from these gone but not to be ever forgotten generation.  Lessons, commitment, dedication, and personal attributes that today’s generation needs to be very aware of.  These are all attributes that our youngsters of today can vitally benefit from.  We need to keep reminding them at every turn.

For me personally, I feel that someone who is visually impaired and of mixed oriental race; I would not be here today were it not for the ones that I never got the chance to meet and know.

Thank you, thank you!  Thank you to that generation of so many years ago and to the ones who are presently engaged in similar activities.

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