If we do not set the example then who will?

So often we accuse our kids of not listening to us but too often we fail miserably when it comes to setting the example for them.

Just think about this:  When our kids are born they come into this world as healthy bundles of joy just waiting for us to show them how.  They are like little sponges just waiting to soak up the environment’s variables.

They are there for us to teach.  For us to show them how to cope and how to learn.

They depend on us to teach them the right things, good habits, and help them to develop strong and sound attitudes.  They are innocent little students just waiting for us to open up the world to them.

In short, they are simply waiting for us to be their examples so why is it that we are unable to understand this?  We are their one and only role models!

How often do we forget this each time we shout at them?  Each time we bully them?  Each time our less than acceptable behaviour is displayed in front of them?  We need to remember that if anything; kids are some of the best and quickest learners.  They emulate what they see!  They emulate our behaviour and attitudes!

Let us keep all of this in mind each time we stand in front of our kids!

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