I myself and me

Now, there are some who may disagree with what I am about to say but after having had quite a bit of feedback from others; I have decided to take the plunge and write the following.

What am I talking about today?  It’s quite simple!  The title of my editorial for today refers to a description of the attitude of too many people today.  Yes, it’s all about I, me, and myself.

An extremely selfish and self-centered attitude where the bearer of this attitude is only concerned about themselves.  There is precious little room to consider anyone else let alone to be aware that there are others who need a helping hand.

That there are people out there who need some urgent attention because they are less fortunate.  That there are persons out there who desperately need to have someone listen to them if only it is but for a few short minutes. That there are so many out there who are inadvertently ignored because of the I me and myself attitude/syndrome.

Yes, it is a syndrome that seems to be assuming very unhealthy proportions.  A syndrome that is threatening to affect the very fabric of humanity and one that we need to address now.

Could this be due to the world becoming a busier one?  Or could it be due to us having too many choices or could it be due to us being spoiled girls and boys too busy to do anything else but indulge ourselves?

I do not believe that this is necessarily a generational problem.  No!  It is everywhere and it’s just my two cents for today.

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