In every journey 2018

Dear readers:  As we approach the end of another year, I wanted to drop by and share my thoughts with you and for this year I’d like to use some words of wisdom that were sent to me by a very special lady; Denise Sanders and she did this when I was president of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians.

Here goes:

“In every journey there is meaning.

In every conflict, there is growth.

In every action, there is purpose.

In every moment of doubt,

Remember to believe!”

Very strong words sent to me by a very powerful lady and these are ones that I shall treasure always.

I can easily say that 2018 was a year where my patience, perseverance, commitment and beliefs were put to the test and it is with great relief that I can say that I managed to stick to them all.

It was a year where I continued to listen, learn, share, and appreciate and I felt that I did a good job when it came to sharing my love on more than Christmas Day.  In the words of the late Michael Jackson in one of his songs where he asks us to “give love on Christmas day”, I did my best to do much more than this.

I continued to believe that in another song that says “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,” and I witnessed true perseverance when on June 20 Minister Duncan rose in the Canadian House of Commons to introduce the Accessible Canada Act.

This was the third attempt at trying to accomplish this magnanimous task and I am not embarrassed to share that as I sat at my computer thousands of miles away in the Caribbean and watched as Anthony and Thomas sent me emails telling me that Minister Duncan had risen to introduce Bill C81, I could not help but shed tears of joy!

Their emails arrived within minutes of this momentous occasion and as I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks my one and only thought was that finally!  We had done it but the work has only just begun.

I am extremely grateful to call Canada my home! A country with an abundance of resources and generosity and a country that has opened its doors to thousands of migrants and refugees!

Each time I have a glass of clean drinking water, sit down to eat a hot meal, receive free medical treatment, and much more; I thank God for where I live and can only hope that for 2019 more persons who live in war torn areas or economically distressed countries would somehow be able to start enjoying some of what I presently can.

There is so much that so many of us take for granted and I can only share that each time I think of complaining I stop and remember that there are millions of others living outside of Canada who can only dream of enjoying what I do.

I strongly believe that we need to do more when it comes to protecting our future.  This being the lives of those poor innocent kids whose only request of us is that we find ways to better protect them from war, hardships, and incidents of crime and violence.

Each time a kid is killed or dies of starvation or sickness, it means that a tiny light of hope has been taken away from us and that a wee part of our future is now in jeopardy because we selfishly snuffed it out.  Each time we commit acts of bullying or crime in their presence it means that we are only teaching them  bad manners and bad habits.

Each time we allow our kids to fall prey to war, suffering, and violence, it means that we are failing them but most of all we are failing ourselves!

We cannot and must not ignore their cries for and of help.  We must do our part to ensure that our future and their future are secure and ensured.

I will close in thanking my family, friends, and associates for the love and support that they continue to give to me and I hope that 2019 is a good year for everyone.

With very best wishes,


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