Forever educators

In the normal scheme of things we are educators forever and why?  I honestly believe this because for as long as I am alive, I will have to keep educating others about how persons with vision loss live, think, and go about their business.

I believe that most of society is still under the impression that we as persons with vision loss may not be able to be contributing members to our economy.  They still live with the belief that if one is unable to see perfectly then they are unable to do for themselves, think for themselves, and speak for themselves.

On the one hand I think that I can understand this perspective but truth be told; it often becomes tiresome and somewhat irritating each time I find myself having to justify why I do not need someone else to speak up for me.

The reaction is a very mixed bag each time I am asked what I do for a living and when I tell the one asking the question that Yes!  I work, I am a systems engineer, and I own my own company, some people are literally blown away while others are shell shocked.

I don’t think that these reactions are going to change anytime soon.  We may see more people who would not be too surprised when I tell them I work for a living but on the whole; we will remain educators forever.

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