How serious is Canada?

As we wait anxiously for the next steps in our march towards the enactment of a Canadians with disabilities Act; I cannot help but echo some of the questions that so many Canadians with disabilities are presently asking.

When are we going to hear from our new Minister Kent Hehr and why is it taking him so long to come out and reassure us that he will take us past the finishing line?  He was appointed on August 28 and as of now there has not been any word from him.

Will Canada be able to put the puck in the net this time as they would say?  For after all, this is probably the third time that they are trying to pass disabilities legislation and if it is not done now then what?  Or should I ask then when?

What kind of legislation should we expect to have?  One with teeth to mandate federally governed industries and entities and to penalize them heavily if they fail to tow the line?  Or one that will only be a paper tiger type of Act where Government Agencies will continue to doge their responsibilities and instead hide behind their hands choosing to bow to the desires of industries?

Or would it be an Act where Government Agencies such as the Canadian Transportation Agency, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the CRTC would continue to have little or no power to mandate law breakers and instead they would continue to stand helplessly by as complainants continue to be victims at the hands of the more powerful industries who are perceived to only want to win at all cost and that they would use their deep pockets to continue to victimize and intimidate complainants with disabilities?

There are definite concerns to be addressed and dealt with; and it is time for Canada to walk the walk instead of talking the talk!  The time has come for Canada to put its money where its mouth is.  It is time for industries to be made accountable and transparent and for complainants with disabilities to be treated as Human Beings rather than as pieces of luggage, irritants, and so called non entities!

It is time for us to be respected and for our rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights to be protected, recognized, instead of being ignored.

Just my two cents for today.

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