My world and their world

Mine is a world where I continue to fight for my independence.  For my privacy and my confidentiality.  Mine is a world where I need to continue to ensure that my rights are recognized, protected, and legitimized.

Theirs is a world where they do not need to do this because it is already given to them.  Theirs is a world where they rule and can have more control over their lives and theirs is a world where they are still working to understand my world.

So who am I and who are they?  I am a blind person who cares deeply about the future of those kids who are and will be blind and who are they?  They are the sighted folks who continue to learn about my world.

Are both worlds similar in any way?  Absolutely!  How so?  Because both worlds continue to interact with evolving technology but both worlds deal with this in many different ways.

That’s their world and this is my world.  Both are filled with varying challenges, trials, and tribulations.  So in many ways both worlds are similar but yet different enough.

Just my two cents for today.

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