The hiring dilemma – the challenge continues

I do not think that this so-called dilemma is anything new and maybe I am using an incorrect term here so I’ll try to explain.

There are those companies that go out there as good corporate citizens and they do their best to ensure that some sort of hiring equity takes place and then there are those that do their best to skirt the issue using whatever means that they can at their disposal.

In a perfect world we would hope that somehow a system of equity can take place.  Where skills and experience are combined with giving individuals an opportunity to flourish.  Where potential employees with a disability or challenge is given a chance to show off their skills and where employers can find a way to look past a person’s disability and instead focus on the person’s ability.

Easier said than done and as I write this I really do not know how we can find ways to correct an imbalance.  As someone who is vision impaired and who has worked for 2 major Canadian banks, a top computer company, and now I am an entrepreneur; I have had the opportunity to experience so many various circumstances ranging from an employer really doing their best to look past a disability and focus on an ability to one who has found a way to avoid being an equal opportunity employer.

The excuses and reasons could be many ranging from not being able to provide adequate accommodations to ones where the employer does not really understand how to implement equity.

Things have improved over the years but there is still room for more improvement and I for one truly believe that the hiring dilemma can only start to dissipate when we make honest efforts to become more aware along with admitting that there are artificial barriers that need to be broken down.

Just my two cents for today.

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