Could this be possible? My ideal place to live

It does not hurt to dream occasionally and here is where I will take my chances for today.  For after all, dreams are meant to take place and who knows!  I may just get mine if I happen to be lucky!

No, not quite a deserted island or a remote corner of the world with just mother nature to communicate with.  Yes, a place where respect for each other exists!  Where courtesy, kindness, commitment, dedication, patience, tolerance, selflessness, and a propensity for human rights are all the order of the day!  I do not believe that any country has all of these ingredients in its arsenal.  Some may have more than others but then on the other hand some may have very few of these!

Do I believe that most of countries could some day obtain most of these qualities?  Maybe and just maybe if we were to try hard enough!  For the most part, I do not believe that we try hard enough.  We give up too easily.  We are too selfish to notice that we need to work towards being more accepting of each other.  We tend to leap before we look and speak before we think.

Our attitudes need a major adjustment and our lenses need a major overhauling.  Our values need to be updated in a very big way but most of all; we as Human Beings need to take a step back and re-evaluate the importance of being nice to each other.

Just my two cents for today.

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