What does the world really need?

I think that this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions these days and it has been one that continues to be asked from generation to generation.

When I look around me I see so much hate; the constant violence especially so at our schools and then I look across the pond and I see a recent Royal Wedding that was filled with so much love, warmth, and hope for the future.

Each time someone decides to use guns to comfort his or her conscience or satisfy their desire to get back at the world it only goes to fill us with fear, insecurity, and feelings of heartbreak!  Then when we witness a Wedding where so much cultural diversity  and new beginnings take place we cannot help but be hopeful for the future.

Each time we make someone an outcast or shut them out of our social circles, we can rest assured that the affected individual will at least think of getting back at us in some way or other and that more than likely they are going to make plans to use violence in order to solve their situation.

Each time we become bullies and bully others you can bet your bottom dollar that one of our victims is going to turn to misguided ways of getting back at us.  However, each time we witness events where we can come together to celebrate some thing special or exciting, we cannot but hope for more love and less violence.

Each time we allow others to kill our kids we deprive those innocent victims of their future and each time we promote bullying we enable the world to promote said violence.

So what is it going to be?  More love and less hate?  Or more hate and more heartbreak?

Just my two cents for today.

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