It starts from scratch – with our kids

The other day while I was at the airport waiting to board a plane to my favourite getaway in St Lucia, I decided to take a few minutes just to sit back and enjoy the smells and the sounds.  I was not disappointed.

I listened contentedly as the kids around me sang, chatted, laughed, and played with each other and soon I learned from their chatter that they were going to the same place as me.

As I sat there listening; it confirmed to me that it really all starts from scratch.  In other words, it starts with our kids and if we hope to ensure a future where such things as happiness, humility, respect, and courtesy can live in harmony with each other, then we need to start with our kids.

Teach them how to speak respectfully to each other and all will be well.  Teach them how to communicate openly and all will be well.  Show them how to use their language to command attention, respect, and  courtesy and all will be well.

Show them how to find and spread happiness and our future will have a chance of surviving.  Give them a chance to be kids for as long as possible and they will remain our shining bright lights forever.

Just my two cents for today.

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