So much competition to face

I can safely say that when I started out to look for a job and this was in the 1980s, competition was definitely there but today that competition seems to have increased many fold.

With this comes the need to discover and develop all kinds of new techniques and strategies.  A need to go out there and grab all kinds of new resources and now more so than ever the old saying that only the fittest will survive is probably very true.

In many ways, I am sure glad that I am not in the thick of things when it comes to the landscape of job hunting.  Yes, as an entrepreneur I am constantly facing all kinds of new competition and new competitors, but it is my belief that for those job hunting for regular jobs it is even more difficult.

The advent of the Internet and social media has made it even more interesting for those job seekers who are out there for regular paying jobs.  Gone are the days of those good old paper resumes and now it is all about using the Internet and social media to expand horizons, enhance profiles, and make connections.

All in a day’s work and my two cents for today.

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