Are we listening hard enough?

Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that over the last two years or a bit more we seem not to be listening hard enough.  I do not think that I am wrong here because many others have expressed the same sentiment.

You have a conversation with someone and mere minutes later they return to ask you to repeat some part of the conversation and it often occurs more than once.  You are talking to someone on the phone but you know what?  They are also listening to someone else standing or sitting close by and they are even interacting with them while trying to listen to their phone conversation with you.

You ask someone to do something and you know what?  They either forgot what you have asked them to do or they don’t remember the entire request.  I find this to be a growing concern with regard to customer service.

Never mind not listening hard enough, but this also applies to how we are handling the reading of our emails.  You go to great lengths to explain something to someone else in an email and you know what?  Despite your explicit instructions, they fail to read it and three or four emails later you are still trying to explain things to them.

So what are we to do?  When the world is not listening hard enough and not taking the time to read entirely?

Just my thoughts for today.

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