Communicating with home

It seems like just yesterday when communicating with parents at home when you were far away from them; studying at university or working far away seemed to be such a long winded affair. By this I mean that one communicated either via snail mail or through long distance phone calling.

It took such a long time for letters between kids and parents to arrive and with regard to the phone calls; one had to be so careful when placing them because they were so expensive to place. At the best of times one only made a phone call or received one once every three months but this got better with time. In my days, there was no Skype, no Facebook, and no Facetime. So I had to correspond via letter writing and this meant that I had to type my letters. Then the computer came along and then I could compose my letter on the computer, print them, and then mail them.

Fast forward to today and how much things have changed. Nowadays, parents and kids can communicate via Skype and see each other as they chat not just from the comfort of their homes, but practically from any location. They can use their cell phones to communicate via text and phone calls. They can also use Facetime and some of the more gregarious can use Facebook to do their communicating.

The world has certainly become a smaller one thanks to improvements in communicating and we no longer need to think of Britain as being across the pond. Or India or Japan as being on the other side of the world. All one needs to do is to find a wireless connection and voila! Communication between kids and parents is instantaneous. You can now sit in your room in Paris and talk to mom and dad back in Montreal with relative ease or you can be seated at your desk in a London England flat and be talking to your folks somewhere in South America.

Ah yes! The joys of communicating with home and no more excuses for delays in responding whenever your parents ask a question.

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