The magic of music

I would strongly suggest that you try this strategy for what it is worth!  Yes, the magic of music and for me it continues to work like a charm.

I have been using music to help me overcome so many things; stress, anxiety, and even to help me to create, imagine, and to recharge my batteries whenever they start to run low!

I use music to help me relax whenever I travel.  I turn on my MP3 player, select my favourite suite of songs, and away I go!  I can get away from the busy world for as long as I wish.  All I need to do is to insert my ear buds into my ears, adjust the volume, and voila!

I listen to classical music whenever I wish to acquire a mindset of total recharging and relaxing.  I find that classical music helps me to obtain mental landscapes that I could never hope to obtain and visit in the normal scheme of things.

Lyrics of certain songs also help me to remember, cherish, and store away in my mind for later use.

Just my two cents worth for today.

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