Ask an Author – May 2022 – Walking for a Reason

A close-up photo of a person in blue sneakers walking along a paved path next to tall summer grasses.

This is a strategy that I use each and every spring no matter what. It is what I call the strategy to walk for a reason. And trust me when I tell you that you can easily find oodles of reasons to walk.

For me, here are just some of mine and the objective for me is to be able to stimulate my creative juices, refresh my imagination, and open up the channels to the influx of new ideas.

I walk to hear the birds singing. Their voices are as pure as angels and as fresh as breezes in a bottle.
They sing so freely and without any inhibition.
They never shy away from offering their talents free of charge.
Their abilities to sing from the lowest to the highest notes is absolutely amazing.

This is my main reason for walking for a reason and I encourage you to go out there and try it. You would be amazed to discover the results!

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