Ask an Author – February 2021 – A Nice Warm Comfort Meal

A bowl of hearty stew is artfully laid out on a wooden table next to two spoons, a rustic linen napkin, and a bowl of peppercorns.There is nothing better than being able to fill a hungry tummy with a nice warm comfort meal and trust me when I tell you that in the dead of winter, this strategy works like magic.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have personally used this strategy to help me get out of the doldrums! This strategy is one that does much more than helping to bring you out of depression, anxiety, and simply feeling down.

Think of this! You prepare a nice and delicious comfort food dish! It was quick and easy to prepare, smells simply yummy, is warm, and now you sit at your kitchen table to enjoy it!

The senses of taste and smell take over from here and soon the warmth of your meal begins to satisfy the pangs of hunger. Indeed, you start to relax, to enjoy, and soon you find yourself smiling and feeling contentment.

You really need to give this strategy a good old try! I guarantee you won’t be sorry; you will be pleasantly surprised!

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