What is reality? Time to take stock!

Greetings everyone and I’m Scott Savoy at the Sterling Creations business desk welcoming you to a mid January Saturday.

I hope that those of us who received a healy dump of snow for this past week are keeping safe and digging out okay!

Yes, a nice and pleasant day shaping up and today I am delighted to share our president’s weekly editorial with you.

For this week, Donna J. Jodhan expresses her views on the meaning of reality.

Give this editorial a read and see what Donna Thinks.

Enjoy your weekend.


What is reality?

By Donna J. Jodhan

I don’t think that reality can ever be viewed in the same way by any two individuals.  No; not in the least!  Reality is an interesting picture to be drawn and I would say that reality depends on our experiences and circumstances.

For me, here is my reality.  I am living in a world where I need to ensure that my rights as a person with a vision impairment is respected, recognized, and protected.

I am living in a country where I do not have to fight for clean fresh water, fresh produce and supplies of food, and necessary medication.

I am also living in a country where much needs to be done in order to protect the well being of minorities.

I am living in a world where technology can be viewed as a double edged sword.  On the one hand, technology   continues to enable us to stay close to each other but on the other hand it continues to be a struggle and a challenge for those who either cannot afford to have it or who are unable to use it because of a lack of training.

I believe however that we would all agree about this!  Reality is that we are all struggling to survive the pandemic!

Just my two cents for today.

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