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Week of July 31 2010
Your best American cities
1. San Bernardino California
Looking for a city to retire to?
Or one where you can vacation away from the crowds?
Or one where you can set up a second home and get into the remote managing mode?
Then why not San Bernardino?
A beautiful California city that is still very pristine.
Lots of green space, friendly neighborhoods, and friendly residents.
Come and see for yourself!
2. St. Paul Minnesota
If you want to live in one of America’s most livable cities; one of the safest and healthiest, then St. Paul Minnesota is for you.
A city with excellent educational facilities, oodles of jobs in the service industry, and friendly neighborhoods.
A city that can offer you a home to raise your family in relative comfort.
A city that offers you healthy living in lots of green spaces.
3. St. Petersburg Florida
Here is a city for everyone; for the retiree, the young professional, and even the vacationer. 
Europeans make it their favourite vacation spot while North Americans make it their favourite retirement home.
Come and enjoy the wondrous sailing, swimming golfing, and rich night life and fine dining.
Live in neighborhoods that are located on their own separate islands.
4. Tempe Arizona
Looking for a city with a twist?
One that has sunshine almost all the year through?
One that offers excellent job prospects in the financial, high tech, insurance, and health care industries among others?
A city with excellent shopping, educational facilities, and great dining spots and night life?
Then you need to pay a visit to Tempe Arizona.

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