Your best American cities

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Week of October 31 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Saltlake City Utah
This is a city with magnificent and natural outdoors beauty.
Outdoor recreation is a natural part of Salt Lake City’s life.
This is a very safe city in which to live and a vibrant economy is part of the landscape.
Friendly neighborhoods abound and this is a metropolitan city with a community ambiance.
If you are seeking a city with one of the world’s best snow hills, great health care, and lots of recreational activities, then Salt Lake City is for you.
2. Pembroke Pines Florida
Here is another city that offers you warm and pleasant weather all year round.
For the retiree wishing to retire into a rosy sunset, Pembroke Pines is an ideal place as it offers many options for retirement homes.
For the vacationer, there are lovely homes for sale at very affordable prices.
For the person just wishing to establish a second home, Pembroke Pines has many second homes to choose from.
If you are looking for a city to get away from it all, retire to, or just vacation, then why not Pembroke Pines.
 3. Springfield Missouri
This is a city that offers an extremely affordable alternative to living in California.
Springfield is one of the safest cities in America in which to live.
It has one of the best quality of life options to offer, and is highly regarded as a place with one of the highest rates for job creation.  It is also highly regarded by the business world for recruitment.
If you are seeking a city with excellent health care, quality of life, and warm weather to bring up your family, then Springfield Missouri is the place for you.
4. North Las Vegas
If you are looking for pure scenic beauty then North Las Vegas is for you.
Punctuated by majestic mountains and sloping desert valleys, this beautiful area is just within a stone’s throw of down town Les Vegas.
There are tons of beautiful properties for sale; grand estates, modern condos, riverfront homes, and rustic log cabins.
Great entertainment, excellent dining, and great educational facilities are at your fingertips.
If you are looking to relocate to an area with opportunity and possibility then North Las Vegas is for you.
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