Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and it’s that time of the week for us to dream a bit.  Travel around in our minds and have a bit of fun.
Week of October 03 2009:
Your best American cities

 1. Mobile Alabama
If you are looking to relocate to for either personal or business reasons, then Mobile is it.
This cultured city is located along the Northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
It is well known for its health care; being the main center for the central region of the Gulf coast region.
It is a sports minded city; well known for hosting the annual LPGA Tournament of Champions.
Also well known for its annual Mardi Gras celebrations.
If you’re seeking a city that has culture, sports, lovely homes, and lots of business opportunities, then Mobile is for you.
2. Tacoma Washington
Here is a city that is ideal for anyone seeking employment in the technology industry.
A city that also offers tons of job opportunities for blue collar workers.
Close to Seattle, and has a great education system.
Manufactures paper products and refines oil.
If you are seeking a city with great neighborhoods as well as a city with a great education system, then Tacoma Washington is for you.
3. Tallahassee Florida
Are you looking for a city that offers a bit of everything for all stages of life?
A city with a magnitude of modern vacation homes, grand old estates, inviting retirement homes, plus a lot more?
A city with all year round warm weather and one with great entertainment and excellent dining?
Tallahassee has it all.
If you’re seeking a city that can offer you fun, sun, and relaxation, then Tallahassee is for you.
4. Oakland California
This Bay Area city is blessed with luxurious estates, wonderful vacation homes, modern condos, riverfront homes, plus much more.
It is also full of excellent restaurants, events, entertainment,
education facilities, friendly neighborhoods and much more.
If you are seeking a city to retire comfortably to, then Oakland is your city.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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