Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan, your virtual travel agent and I am delighted to be with you once more.  It’s the end of August and our last holiday of the summer is just around the corner. 
It’s time for us to take our weekly trip; to enjoy some of the best cities of the United States.   So, buckle up and sit back.  Pick up your glass with your chilled drink and let’s get going!

Week of August 28 2010
Your best American cities
1. Fort Wayne Indiana
If you are seeking a city where the cost of living is way below the national average, then that city is beautiful Fort Wayne Indiana.
A city with so much to offer; from jobs in the finance, insurance, and technology sectors to an excellent educational system and great public health.
Fort Wayne has a variety of home styles to offer than range from the modern condo to the huge house with a backyard for the kids and the family dog.
Parks and trails abound, and there are tons of museums for you to enjoy as well.
2. Huntington Beach California
If you’re seeking a city that is filled with lots of sun fun and is close enough to Disneyland, then that city is beautiful Huntington Beach California.
With a pleasant climate all year round, lots of surfing, sailing, swimming, and tennis and golf to satisfy you, this city also offers lots of shopping and fine dining.
You can never be bored if you decide to vacation in sunny Huntington Beach.
3. Laredo Texas
If you are seeking to relocate to a city that affords you the opportunity to work in an international environment and live in a culturally diversified environment, then that city is Laredo Texas.
Laredo gives you and your family the chance to enjoy a variety of exciting entertainment, sizzling night life, and annual festivals that include the ever popular Jamboozie Festival.
 There are lots of parks for you to enjoy.  Museums and art galleries, and a world class science center and planitarium for the kids to visit.
4. Lexington Kentucky
If you are in search of a city that offers you rural living in a large city, then that’s Lexington.
A city with tons of green space.  Homes that are built with huge backyards.
Horse farms and rolling plains that are protected from urbanization.
A vibrant economy with healthy manufacturing, technology, health care, and educational sectors.
Great universities and lots to do all year round.

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