Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and it’s time for us to have a bit of fun. 
Are you ready to dream a bit?  Enjoy dreaming, and maybe get to your new destination sooner than you expect?  Well, here are our best American cities of the week.
Enjoy and have fun!

Week of September 26 2009:
Your best American cities
1.  Salt Lake City
If you are seeking a city with wide open spaces, excellent medical facilities, and a city that is well known for its sporting events, then consider beautiful Salt Lake City.
This refreshing city is Utah’s Capital.
There is much for everyone to enjoy.
Neighborhoods have a bit of everything for everyone;
from the single professional to the young family and from the retiree to the young couple.
Museums abound, and there are many religious sites to see.
If you are looking for a city with lots to do, then consider Salt Lake City.
2.  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
If you are seeking a city with a unique disposition of views, then Pittsburgh is your city.
This Western Pennsylvania city has steeply ascending hillsides and stepped sidewalks; extremely unique for a city of its size.
Health care and education dominate its economy but tourism is also quite prominent.
There is a very healthy access to blue and white collar jobs.
Pittsburgh is also a city for education and the Arts.
If you are seeking a city that has fabulous views, great education, and good health care, then Pittsburgh is for you.
3. Irvine California
Here comes a city that can provide you with a magnitude of opportunities in business, clothing, and technology. 
A city that is one of the best in which to live in America.
Safe, very low crime rate, and great quality of life.
Irvine residents are among the highest income earners, and Irvine has one of the best education systems in America.
Very close to Los Angeles and Santa.
If you are seeking a city with year round warm weather, safety, plus so much more, then Irvine is for you.
4. Santa Ana
A city with natural beauty that includes majestic mountains and warm winds.
Very close to Los Angeles and real estate is much cheaper than in Los Angeles.
Convenient for working in Los Angeles and living in Santa Ana.
Employment is lucrative, lots of various home styles to choose from, plus much more.
If you are seeking a city with character, then Santa Ana is for you.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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