Your best American cities

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Week of August 14 2010
Your best American cities
1. Virginia Beach Virginia
If you are seeking the perfect city to relocate to in search of either vacation or a second or permanent home, then Virginia Beach is the perfect spot for you.
With fantastic riverfront homes, private log cabins, luxurious estates and vacation homes, and holiday getaways and sprawling retirement homes, this city presents you with paradise.
Virginia Beach offers pleasant weather all year round, a booming industry for the job seeker, and rich entertainment and fine dining.
2. Yonkers New York
If you are seeking a city that enables you to live in relative calm and peace and at the same time you can be close enough to commute and play in such cities as Manhattan and New York City, then you have it all in Yonkers.
Yonkers also has its share of abundant entertainment, fine dining, and great real estate.
There are lots of parks for you to discover.
Historic museums for you to browse through, and free entertainment in music and theater.
Neighborhoods range from the typical Irish and Italian to upscale residential areas where office workers and stock traders live and commute to work in Manhattan.
3. Boston Massachusetts
Ah!  Boston!  The Athens of America when it comes to the finest education to be had.
With Harvard and Boston University leading the way, America’s oldest city has much to offer.
History that you can discover in its many museums.
Lots of sporting activities that include ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and football.
Lots of shopping, night life, and luxurious hotels and fine dining.
4. Orange California
If you are seeking a city where you can raise your family in relative safety then Orange is for you.
A city that offers lots of outdoor as well as indoor attractions.
Boating and fishing on the lake, hiking and mountain biking, and pedal boating for the kids.
Shopping, fine dining, and street fares.
Orange is rich in architecture and above all, it offers fine weather all year round.
Lastly, it is within waving distance of Los Angeles.

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