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Week of May 15 2010
Your best American cities
1. Fresno California
Looking for a city with gentility?
A picturesque one with lots of fabulous views of mountains, lakes, and rivers?
Great trails to explore and discover and forests to wander through?
Hiking and biking, mountain climbing and white water rafting?
A down town mall to die for; with lots of restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, and surrounded by beautiful landscapes?
Take a long hard look at Beautiful Fresno California.
2. Garden Grove California
If you are seeking a city that offers attractions both within and outside in surrounding areas, then Garden Grove is definitely it!
Garden Grove is close to Disney Land and the beaches.  Close to large national parks and such cities as Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. 
Garden Grove offers a rich cultural flavor that includes Japanese, Chinese, Asian, Native American, and Mainstream American cultures.
Home styles and cuisines that are of these cultures.
Rich night life and lots to do in a city that never sleeps.
3. Colorado Springs Colorado
Ah!  A city with a breath of fresh air plus much more!
One of the safest cities in America in which to live.
Where the outdoors beckons; skiing, snow boarding, hiking, and mountain climbing.
Colorado Springs is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, untouched and unspoiled from industrial pollution.
It’s the city where figure skaters train for the Olympics and the city where tourists treat themselves to hot springs pampering.
A city that offers a low cost of living; old and new homes to choose from.
4. Columbus Georgia
If you are a student looking for a reputable university to attend, then why not Columbus Georgia?
If you are seeking a city where cost of living is lower than the national average and property taxes favor the home owner, then why not try Columbus?
Columbus is a vibrant city with healthy economic sectors in textiles, manufacturing, and high tech.
Business and finance industries also thrive in Columbus.
Neighborhoods are rich in sprawling suburban homes, modern condos, and cute town houses.
Apartments for rent are also very available.

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