Your best American cities

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Week of May 08 2010
Your best American cities
1. Gilbert Arizona
If you seek a city were old and new coexist, and where the Southern charm is still very much in existence, then welcome to Gilbert Arizona.
A city with sprawling ranches, lots of upscale shopping, and golf courses that are lush and green.
A city where leather boots are still worn and luxurious resort spas abound.
Gilbert is a safe city for all; for the family, for the young professional looking to get ahead, and for the retiree seeking peace and quiet.
Gilbert is made up of quiet residential neighborhoods with a variety of home styles that are extremely affordable.
2. Bellevue Washington
Are you seeking a city with a bit of affluence?
One that is very conducive for either raising a family or launching a career?
Then welcome to Bellevue Washington!
A clean green city with lots of parks, golf courses, and beaches.
Basketball, baseball, golf, hiking, and biking, all waiting for you to enjoy.
Bellevue is a picturesque city that offers you the chance to do it right.
3. Boston Massachusetts
What more can I say about Boston?
A city that offers you the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish.
With excellent universities, wonderful and exciting sports teams, and lots of great attractions that are within walking distance of each other, this compact city is one of America’s largest and oldest cities.
Boston reigns when it comes to cities that never sleeps.
Great night life, excellent dining, and a zoo and aquarium that are both a cut abovethe competition.
Why not put Boston on your list of places to visit this spring?
4. Riverside California
If you are seeking to live in one of America’s safest and most livable cities, then you’ve found it right here in Riverside California.
As one of the largest cities in California, Riverside offers you homes to die for. 
From sprawling houses to spacious suburban homes; with magnificent views of rivers and mountains.
A city with lots of fresh citrus fruits at your disposal, and tons of outdoor activities to choose from.
Riverside offers you an opportunity to live close enough to Los Angeles.
This city is very progressive and is determined to beat its smog problem.
There is hiking, biking, mountain climbing, plus so much more for you to discover.
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