Your best American cities

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Week of September 19 2009
Your Best American cities

1. Lincoln Nebraska
This environmental friendly city is punctuated by rolling landscapes and salt marshes.
It has a population of about 248,000 and is known for its quality of life.
It is a city where you can do whatever you want to do in your own time, and at your own pace.
It was recently named as one of the healthiest cities in America in which to live.
Cost of living and prices for housing is below the national average.
If you are looking for an easy going city in which to live, then consider Lincoln Nebraska, the State’s capital.
2. Springfield Missouri
This beautiful city is located on the Ozark plateau with the Ozark mountains as its backdrop.
There is a lot of natural greenery and running streams.
Springfield offers warm weather and a much cheaper alternative to California.
This city is one of the healthiest and safest cities in which to live.
In recent years Springfield has been distinguished several times for its quality of life. It is one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, one of the Best Performing Cities for Creating Jobs, a World Health Organization Safe Community, and one of the Best Mid-Sized Metros for Recruitment and Attraction in the business world.
If you are seeking a city with warm weather, cost of living below the national average, job opportunities, and a city with much more than this to offer, then why not check out Springfield Missouri the third largest city in the State of Missouri.
3. Newark New Jersey
If you are seeking a better to commute to New York City and at the same time enjoy living in a quality city, then Newark is for you.
This city is just 8 miles away from New York City and housing there is much cheaper than in New York.
The city is well connected by rail, road, boat, and plane.
Newark has many job opportunities in business, banking, and insurance.
If you are seeking a culturally diverse city to live in, then Newark is for you. 
4. Springfield Massachusetts
Known as the city of homes.
Its nickname comes from the number of 19th century Victorian mansions it has.
Springfield, MA’s proximity to Hartford, Connecticut makes it part of the New England Knowledge Corridor, so-called because of the high concentration of post-secondary education institutes. Greater Springfield is home to thirteen
If you are looking for a city with history and great universities, then Springfield MA is for you.
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