Your best American cities

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Week of May 01 2010
Your best American cities
1. Gilbert Arizona
If you are seeking a family friendly city where you can raise your family in relative comfort and in green lush surroundings, then you have it all right here in Gilbert Arizona.
Gilbert, home of cowboys, sprawling cattle ranches, upscale shopping, and lush green golf courses, offers lots of art galleries and museums as well.
A city with good job growth and lots of various home styles to choose from; there are quiet residential neighborhoods with a wide range of home styles to choose from.
Modern condos, ranch style homes, and Spanish Casas.
2. Torrance California
If you are seeking a city where you can be you without having to pretend, then Torranceis it.
With a stretch of beautiful beach, tree lined streets, and sidewalks to please your passion for walking, Torrance offers sunny weather all year round.
With warm temps, a low humidity, and one of America’s largest shopping malls to keep you busy, Torrance makes a very desirable home.
There tons of things for you to do and keep busy so that you will never be bored.
3. Lancaster Pennsylvania
Are you seeking a city with some real advantages?
A low cost of living, great educational facilities, and excellent job opportunities?
Well, Lancaster is the place for you.
A city with wonderful shopping; from the up-scale to the unique.  Organic and green products to the luxury items.
A mid sized city that is close to some of America’s largest urban centers.
4. Tucson Arizona
Are you looking for a city that presents you with one of the most picturesque sceneries that you could ever imagine?
A city with majestic mountain ranges, green spaces, golf courses, and a ton of trails where you can bike and hike?
Skiing in the bountains, mountain climbing, and one of the best places to shop in the South West?
A Southern charm that you would find hard to top?
You can have it all plus so much more in beautiful Tucson.
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