Your best American cities

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Week of March 27 2010
Your best American cities
Week of March 27 2010
1. Norwalk Connecticut
If you are seeking a city with a bit of a twist, then Norwalk is for you.
Where the residents are easygoing; the annual oyster festival is one of the main events.
Lots of entertainment, fine dining, and parks and museums to explore.
A city where you can definitely get away from the harsh cold winters.
Biking and hiking for you to enjoy, an excellent aquarium to entertain the kids, and a supurb IMAX theater are among the main attractions of Norwalk.
Don’t forget the lush green golf courses.
2. Madison Wisconsin
If you are seeking a truly beautiful city; one with natural beauty, then Madison is it.
Surrounded by large and scenic lakes, Madison has much to offer.
Lots of biking trails for you to discover, and ice hockey and skiing in the winter. 
Madison has a very low unemployment rate and its economy offers lots of career opportunities.
Madison has been tagged as one of the safest cities in America in which to live and one of the best for businesss and careers.
3. Oxnard California
Here is a city that one would least expect to make it to the top.
A city in California with much more to offer than meets the eye.
Located very close to Santa Barbara, this city has a lot of great real estate to offer.
From modern condos to grand estates, and homes with fabulous riverfront views to private log cabins and handsome retirement homes.
Oxnard also has beautiful vacation homes and even second homes to offer.
Let’s not forget its excellent education facilities.
4. El Paso Texas
Are you looking for a city with possibility? 
One that offers an excellent education system, great entrepreneurial opportunities, and employment in sectors such as tele communications and the international arena?
Look no further than El Paso Texas.
A city that is thriving; a healthy economy, very friendly, and inviting you to make El Paso your next home.
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