Your best American cities

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 Week of March 20 2010
Your best American cities
1. Glendale California
If you are looking for a city in the sun; one where you can enjoy much of what Walt Disney has to offer without having to visit those crowded amusement parks elsewhere, then why not consider the beautiful city of Glendale California.
A city with a very high propensity for beautiful artwork through out its streets and homes.
 Delightful murals depicting landscapes, statues, and sculptures.
If you are seeking a city with a difference and one with grace, then why not Glendale?
3. Tempe Arizona
If you are seeking a city with warm weather all year round, and one with great entertainment, educational facilities, and fine dining, then it’s all here in the city of Temp Arizona.
Night life is action packed.
Neighborhoods with lovely suburban layouts abound.
Temp is a very accessible city.
4. Newark New Jersey
Are you seeking a city that affords you a much cheaper cost of living than New York City?
One that will enable you to live in comfort in beautiful surroundings and at the same time you will be able to commute in convenience to New York and surrounding areas?
A city that is rich in culture and one that is also rich in economic opportunities?
You got it!  The City of Newark New Jersey awaits you.
With beautiful homes, modern condo towers, and great suburbs, Newark with its excellent health care and educational facilities makes for a great place to live.

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