Your best American cities

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Week of March 13 2010
Your best American cities
1. Cincinnati Ohio
If you are seeking a city that is known for its quality of life and one where young professionals have the best chance of a great start to their lives, then Cincinnati is it.
This Ohio city has much to offer.  A cost of living that is significantly below the national average.
Prices for homes are very affordable and rents are cheap.
Cincinnati boasts one of the top children’s hospitals in the country.
It has great medical facilities and a thriving and diverse economy.
 Finally, it possesses some very well respected educational institutions including the university of Cincinnati.

2. Fort Wayne Indiana
If you are tired of living in a down town area that is made up of an abundance of concrete, then you need to look somewhere else.
A city with lots of green spaces, parks and trails, and a city that can offer you sprawling homes with huge backyards.
A city with history, and oodles of job opportunities in the education, technology, and insurance sectors.
All of this describes Fort Wayne Indiana.
A city that has been twice presented with the honor of being an all-American city.
A city with a cost of living that is much below the national average.
Please put Fort Wayne on your next shopping list.
3. Spokane Washington
A city with so much to offer.
Scenic beauty that is to die for; with a skyline graced by majestic mountains and a landscape carpeted with lush forests.
Spokane is made up of neighborhoods that offer anything from handsome Victorian mansions to modern homes with a classy touch.
Spokane’s real estate is on the rise so this may be the time to invest in real estate that you surely won’t regret buying.
4. Des Moines Iowa
If you are seeking a city with a definite touch of uniqueness then you need to visit Des Moines Iowa.
A city that offers some very unique attractions that include skywalks that enable pedestrians to go from one building to another in the winter without having to step outdoors, and parks that emulate the wildlife of Australia and Africa.
Des Moines is not too far from Omaha Nebraska and it is a city with a very lengthy history that dates back to the 1300s.
Desmoine’s down town area is enhanced by gardens, sidewalks, and pedestrian bridges.
There are homes that date back to the turn of the 19th century and there are also modern condos and houses to choose from.
If you are seeking a city with a touch of uniqueness, then Des Moines Iowa is for you.

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