Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and it’s that time once again.  It’s travel time, and time for us to be ready to spread our wings in preparation for an exciting flight.  So, come now with me and let’s visit some of America’s best cities of the day.
Have fun!

Week of January 30 2009
Your best American cities
1. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Are you looking for a city with a difference?
A city known for its fine dining, its greenery, and its friendliness?
That’s Philadelphia and this city has been tagged as one of the healthiest, one of the most environmentally ffriendly, and one of the top American cities for young professionals.
Philadelphia is known for its history, great foods, and place for anyone who wants to start new or start fresh.
If you’re looking for a city with tradition and flare, then that’s Philadelphia!
2. Lexington Kentucky
Are you a young professional seeking lucrative opportunities?
Or a blue collar worker seeking employment in a budding and thriving manufacturing industry?
Then it’s time for you to check out Lexington Kentucky.
A city with culture, festivals, history, and so much more.
A city with lots to do including horseback riding, and thorough bred racing.
A city with rolling hills and fast flowing creeks.
If you’re seeking a city with one of the most stable economies in America, then why not Lexington?
3. Madison Winscosin
Are you looking for a city that has everything to offer so to speak?
A city with one of the lowest rates of employment in America, a very flourishing economy, and rich entertainment?
A city that offers tons of festivals including one of the longest and largest fireworks festivals that includes coordinated music?
A city with summer sports that range from biking, sailing, and hiking in the summer to ice skating, ice hockey, and ice fishing in the winter?
A city with bicycling lanes in the city and a city that takes care of its cycling population in a big way?
Then you need to hurry on down to Madison Wisconsin.
4. Tulsa Oklahoma
Are you looking for that all-American city to relocate to?
As wholesome as mom’s apple pie?
Then Tulsa Oklahoma may be for you.
A city with a community spirit, with friendly neighborhoods and homely suburbs surrounding its metropolitan area.
A city made up of associations and clubs with members who yearn to make you feel at home.
A city with lots of arts and historic districts.
Why not give Tulsa a chance.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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