Your best American cities

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Week of January 23 2010

Your best American cities
1. Riverside California
If you’re looking to live in a city that is one of America’s most desirable places to live, then Riverside is it.
This fabulous city offers you a cost of living that is much cheaper than any other city in California.
It is within commuting distance of Los Angeles and Orange county.
You can live in Riverside and at the same time enjoy coastal city living at very affordable prices.
You can live in a city with majestic mountains and undulating hills.
So, for the price of much cheaper than you can expect, why not enjoy California living in Riverside?
2. Winston Salem North Carolina
If you’re seeking a city with great opportunities; educational, career, and home, then Winston-Salem is definitely it.
This thriving city is steeped in education, health care, and research.
It is a city of great history that dates back to the Revolution.
There are homes in quiet suburbs as well as modern down town condos to choose from.
Cost of living is below the national average and Winston-Salem offers much to the sports-minded person.
If you’re seeking a city with character, then Winston-Salem is for you.
3. Boise Idaho
This is probably America’s most beautiful city!
With its foothills and a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Boise offers such things as white water rafting on the river and skiing on the mountain slopes.
Boise is a perfect place to raise one’s family; with great educational facilities for kids of all ages; from earliest school days to university.
Boise is a great city for hiking, biking, golfing, and above all, fine dining and family life.
If you are seeking a city to relocate to or just to vacation in, then Boise is it.
4. Manchester New Hampshire
Are you looking for a city with great business and industry?
One that has grown from a textile town to a highly diversified economy?
Well, look no further than Manchester New Hampshire.
A city that offers terrific employment opportunities.
A city with historic districts, a terrific down town core, and stadiums for  baseball and other sports. 
A city that has painstakingly made efforts to improve the facades of its retail outlets along with its educational facilities.
Manchester is thriving and awaits your arrival.

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