Your best American cities

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Week of January 09 2010

Your best American cities
1. Alexandria Virginia
Are you just looking for a new start without too much emphasis on a really good career?
Just want to start fresh in a new location?
Alexandria may be just what you are looking for.
A city with all kinds of neighborhoods to choose from.
Jobs that are definitely going to help you get started. 
A city with fine restaurants, art galleries and bookstores to browse through, and upscale malls to visit.
So if you are seeking a new location with a twist, Alexandria is for you.
2. Corona California
Are you looking for an outdoors city in the true sense of the word?
One where you can live close enough to the ocean to enjoy all of the amenities of the ocean?
A city where you can enjoy biking, swimming, hiking, tennis, and skate boarding all year round?
A city that is more affordable to live in than most other cities in California?
Well, here comes Corona California.
A city with lots to offer, affordable suburban homes, and close proximity to much of what California has to offer.
3. Rockford Illinois
If you are seeking a city with beautiful suburbs, wonderful employment opportunities, and a city that offers quiet and peace all at the same time, then Rockford is it.
Rockford is one of the largest cities in Illinois but this does not prevent it from offering suburban life.
It is home to many museums, parks for nature lovers, and cultural Arts Centers.
If you are seeking to settle in a city with a soul, then Rockford is it.
4. San bernardino California
Are you seeking a city where it is more affordable to live than in one of those Coastal areas of California?
A city that is much less crowded, and a city with several communities with unique characteristics?
Well, San Bernardino is it.
With a well known university, the University of San Bernardino, tax credits for those interested in research, and great employment opportunities in both the retail and service sectors, San Bernardino offers all of this plus much more.
If you are seeking a city that is nicely located close to everything that California has to offer, then come visit San Bernardino.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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