Your best American cities

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Week of November 28 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Springfield Massachusetts
This beautiful New England city is one of the oldest in America.
It is home to some of the finest educational institutions in the country and its close proximity to Hartford Connecticut makes it a natural part of Massachusetts’s education corridor.
Springfield has a booming manufacturing industry and lots of victorian mansions, 19th century style houses, plus a lot more.
If you’re seeking a city with something for you as a student, or for you as a thriving professional, then why not Springfield?
2. Honolulu Hawaii
Ah! But if you’re seeking a city with more than just vacation spots, then Honolulu is the place for you.
Sunny times and sandy beaches are not the only thing that Honolulu has to offer.
Lots of opportunity for job advancement; in the banking and shipping industries.
Honolulu is the major trading and shipping base that links North America to Asia.
If you are seeking something more than sailing, ocean gazing, and surfing, then Honolulu should be on your priority list.
Important:  It is cheaper to live in Honolulu than it is to live in either San Francisco or New York.
3. St Louis Missouri
Are you seeking a city with oodles of great economic possibilities?
A city that is steeped in history; one of the largest in America?
A city that has the ability to host large events such as Olympic Games and World’s fares?
A city that is rich in cultural roots; French and Spanish influences?
Then you should definitely visit St Louis; the gateway to the West.
4. Pomona California
Pomona is a unique city; a mix of the old and the new.
House and proud conscious residents who are determined to make Pomona one of the best cities in California.
A city with beautiful parks, friendly neighborhoods, and fares and festivals for all tastes and stages of life.
If you are seeking a city with a multi cultural flavor and one that has a promising future, then why not Pomona.
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