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Week of November 21 2009:
YOur best American cities
1. Brownsville Texas
If you are seeking to live in a city that very much reminds you of Mexico, then you’ve got it!  The city of Brownsville Texas.
This warm and sunny city offers weather and ocean for the tourist.
There are lots of Mexican restaurants, golf courses, and history for the history buff.
Brownsville has a very reputable university and home styles range from modern condos to spanish-style ranches.
If you are seeking to relocate to a city with very affordable housing, then Brownsville Texas is for you. 
2. Aurora Colorado
Are you looking for a city that places much emphasis on fitness and sports?
A city that has excellent health care facilities?
A city with excellent lines of communications to the rest of the world?
Then you’ve found one; the city of Aurora Colorado.
Aurora is just a stone’s throw away from Denver.
It has suburban neighborhoods and because of a heavy military presence, excellent health and medical care and a very well known university.
Aurora is the main post of watch for global surveillance.
If you are looking to relocate to a clean and healthy city, then why not give Aurora a try.
3. Shreveport Louisiana
If you’re seeking a city with culture, casinos, and lots of history, then you’ve got it all in Shreveport Louisiana.
This beautiful city is steeped in culture and history; being influenced by both the Cajun and Spanish cultures.
Ideally located very close to the cities of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston.
Shreveport offers riverboat casinos, spicy culinary foods, and rich night time life among other things.
If you are seeking a city with a jump, and a city that is well endowed with almost everything, then Shreveport is for you.
4. Pittsburg PA
Are you looking for a city where you can safely spend the rest of your life?
Not possible you say?
Well, check out the wondrous city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
From magnificent riverfront homes with breath taking views to rustic log cabins that afford total privacy, and from grand estates to luxurious second homes and vacation getaways.
Pittsburgh has it all plus lots of great entertainment and fine dining.
If you’re seeking a city with everything close at hand, then Pittsburgh is for you.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan bidding you a happy travel time.
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