Why hotels should go all out for their foreign guests

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Today, I would like to chat a bit about why hotels should go all out for their foreign guests.

Why hotels should go all out for foreign guests       


Hotels should always strive to go all out for their guest but when it comes to their foreign guests:  Then there is no question.  Most foreign guests would tend to revisit and return to hotels that cater to them in their spoken language.  They truly appreciate any hotel that can provide them with such services in their spoken language as:

Room service, front desk service, menus and signs that are in multi languages, and staff that can converse fluently in their language of choice.


There is nothing worse than going to a hotel where both services and staff are in a language that you are unable to understand.  There is nothing worse than not being able to communicate with staff in your own language or be able to read the signs because they are not in your language.  Think of this situation:

You are in the mood for room service so you open up the room service menu to choose your meal.  Bingo!  You are unable to understand the menu because it is not in your language.  So you phone the room service desk to get some assistance and lo and behold!  The call taker is unable to understand your request and you are unable to understand their questions.


I would like to close by giving you a reference to investigate.

Hotels go all-out for foreign guests

        Atlanta Journal Constitution – GA, USA

        He is fluent in English, French, German and Hebrew. At the Four Seasons Atlanta, the city’s only five-star hotel, languages spoken include French, Spanish, …

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