Travel industry needs to pay more attention

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Travel industry needs to pay more attention
Yes, this is a call to the travel industry to start paying more attention to special needs travelers and when I say special needs travelers, I mean those with special needs. Seniors, those with visual impairments, the hearing impaired, those with physical disabilities, those with learning difficulties and mental challenges and!  Yes, those families with toddlers and those requiring special diets and other types of facilities because of illness or disabling diseases.
True it is that several cruise lines have started to make their ships more accessible, but we need to see a greater push towards access and accessibility.  These types of travelers that I just mentioned are going to start making up more and more of the traveling public as time marches on, because it will be the seniors who will have the most disposable income to spend.  Did you know that by 2010 it is expected that seniors will make up about 60% of our North American population and at the same time it is expected that they would own about 70% of our banking assets? 
Cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and other travel related agencies and organizations need to keep these two very important statistics in mind as they plan and develop their marketing strategies and facilities for the future.  The special needs traveler is your bread and butter consumer of today and they will definitely be so for the future and for a very long time to come.  So, focus your attention on making your physical facilities and services more accessible.
Build more ramps, provide more personalized services, train your staff to work better with those who need help, provide information in accessible formats, and you will be amazed to see the results.  
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day.
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