Translation services for your website

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Today, I would like to shine the spotlight on the need and demand for more translation services for your website.

Translation services for your website


Nothing can be worse than to have a website that is poorly translated and I can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the biggest turn offs to consumers who seek websites that they can easily read and understand.  Present a website that is poorly translated and you can bet your last dollar that you will not have too many repeat visits from consumers whose language is being catered to.


Please allow me to lay out the picture a bit more for you.  You are a small business that sells products to the English and Spanish communities in your area.  You have just decided to translate the English content of your website into Spanish but in order to cut corners you decide to hire a neighbor’s college student kid to do it.  Upon completion you eagerly publish the Spanish version and now you are anxious to see when you will start receiving visits from those hundreds of expected Spanish-speaking consumers.  Instead, you start to experience the following:  Your phone starts to ring with complaints from several Spanish-speaking persons complaining about your website and if this is not enough, you also start to receive disturbing emails.  What is the lesson here?


First, when making plans to translate the content of your website into another language, be sure to have it done by a professional.  Do not spare any cost because if you try to cut corners you may be sorry that you did. 

Second, do not try to have a website with the translations all on one page.  That is for example, the English text followed immediately by the Spanish text.  Best to do this:  On your home page give the visitor the option to choose which language they desire and then have two separate versions of your website. 

Third, make sure that the quality on both versions are the same.


I will close by giving you a reference to investigate.

Translation Services For Your Website

So you need to be sure you have translated substance that is at least equal in quality to your English website. You will require professional translation services from an agency that’s capable of working with your kind of content. …

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If you require translation services then please visit, a subsidiary of

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